Ritik Anand
3 min readJan 19, 2021


AI in procurement has contributed to the transformation of procurement in many respects that were previously unthinkable.

“By 2020, companies using AI and similar technologies such as machine learning and deep learning to discover new business opportunities will take $1.2 trillion from rivals who do not use these technologies each year,” according to Forbes.



For longer than 10 years, Artificial Intelligence and its constant applications have been basically in the Sci-fi state as opposed to the down to earth state. From seeing AI in works of fiction as Shelley Mary’s “Frankenstein” to seeing a de-matured youthful and wild Robert De Niro with AI’s help with Martin Scorcese’s “The Irishman,” AI has developed a long way in the previous decade.

In spite of these advanced accomplishments, AI in acquirement actually feels like a far off dream. A dominant part of procurement works consistently depend on dated on-point arrangements, in-constructed ERPs, or manual process, which makes one wonder that if your telephone, vehicle, or home appliances have innovatively changed in the previous decade, for what reason hasn’t your procurement approach?

The most wonderful change in procurement has been the advancement of self-autonomous acquirement. Zones like Contract Management, Supplier Management, Procure-to-Pay, and so on have advanced because of digital change.

Presently, we can either decide to remain uninvolved and witness the pattern or start our AI-driven procurement projects to make an impact in a world progressively determined by innovation.


Contract Management Bots

Conventional CLM applications have created breaks, including the absence of local registry, missing key contract alerts, non-normalized layouts, and so on. With the approach of BOTs in the CLM space, the guidance groups would now be able to pull together on essential activities.

Key advantages related to these BOTs are

  1. Distinguishing statements and Auto arranging them
  2. Featuring risk score at the contract level
  3. Auto-distinguishing Force Majeure statements and recommending alternatives.

Supplier Bots

Approach any procurement leader for a procurement tingle, and a large portion of them would state Supplier the executives. A steady concern is taking care of provider connections, assessing execution, overseeing outdated provider records, recognizing provider related dangers, and so on.

A portion of the advantages that accompany Supplier BOTs are:

  1. Dealing with 360-degree Supplier Risk Profile and due-persistence of possible providers
  2. Coordinating Supplier information with exchanges, risk score, and alerts as per business impact.
  3. Inclusion across different risk types like Natural Hazards, pestilences, Furloughs, Bankruptcy, etc.

Spend BOTS

Visibility of spend is a vital factor for each organization to understand saving opportunities. Although most organizations have a good understanding of their extensive or direct spending, indirect spending may account for 40 percent of the spending of a company. Such hidden-spending piles can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Using Spend BOTs will also assist with:

  1. Spend forecast basis for past budget details
  2. Identifying irregular behaviors such as duplicate purchases, breaches of legislation, use of outlier suppliers, etc.

Accounts Payable Bots

An average, a USD 2 Bn association’s AP group gets 120–150 messages every day, and around 66% of these solicitations are in unstructured paper or PDF design therefore, much of their time is expended on manual activities such as email sifting, answering supplier requests, payment data keying-in, etc., leaving no time for strategic work and initiatives.

The new-age self-learning AP Bots can assist with the following:

  1. Read all the messages sent to the inbox and makes an auto-recommended answer or naturally recover the receipt connection and trigger information extraction utilizing the Invoice Reader BOT
  2. Flag out copy invoice
  3. BOTs extracting header just as line-level information from Invoice PDFs.


Self-ruling autonomous doesn’t simply mechanize routine tasks. It additionally assists associations with acknowledging huge investment funds because of higher spending permeability and limited human mistakes. AI intelligence BOTs are equipped for giving reports, proposals, and rundowns in both upstream and downstream exercises. Hence, AI in acquisition has decidedly affected the manners by which organizations work today with the progression of innovation.

As the speed of headway has transformed us unimaginably, the opportunity has already come and gone CPOs consider riding the peak of the AI wave to change their capacities.

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