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Ritik Anand
4 min readDec 17, 2020


Digital Marketing

In today’s blog, let me shine some light on the most discussed topic “Digital Marketing”.

I might as well consider that everyone has at least heard about this term. If not, you need just sit back and glance through this blog so as to get an idea of what it really means.

What exactly Digital Marketing is?

Digital Marketing to put it in simple words is defined as an electronic way of reaching customers. Now electronic ways include mobile service, internet, social media, and search engines.

Recently digital marketing is on rising and its new way of approaching customers.

A lot of folks out there confuse Digital Marketing with Internet Marketing. Internet marketing is done only through the internet whereas there are multiple ways Digital Marketing can be done such as search engines, social media, and so on.

Only the motive of Digital Marketing can be stated as increasing sales, which in all is an ultimate goal of any business organization.

There are certain skills required in this domain to achieve greater heights. One of them is you need to be tech-savvy, you must know all the upcoming technologies.

As of now, Digital Marketing is one of the booming careers which are highly paid in any organization or even startups.

One important factor in Digital Marketing is content writing.

It is said to be core and also a crucial part of Digital Marketing. It involves creating content that contains the right keywords to optimize the search of a user.

Since this is not an in-depth blog let’s not get into details of every component of digital marketing.

Another important aspect of Digital Marketing is SEO and SEM.

SEO increases the number of visitors to the website by getting it higher in the Google search Engine.

Many factors need to be implemented to raise your website’s rank up the Google Search Engine. And about SEM, it is internet marketing as we have discussed above.

Digital Marketing Tools

As Digital Marketing is increasing exponentially every day, some organizations have come up with tools to ease our tasks. Some of the tools are Hubspot, ahrefs, proof, survey anyplace, Google Analytics, and the list goes on.

These tools help in executing the proper strategy, which would help you get one step ahead in the competition. Out of these tools, some are specialized in word searches, web analytics, and CRM. Of course, these tools are not for free and organizations need to pay for subscriptions to these tools.

Digital Marketing Company

There are many new startups as well as organizations that are adopting digital marketing services. Cymetrix is one of the companies which provide digital marketing services to customers overseas as well as in the country itself.

A common myth regarding digital media is many folks think that more content will make your brand better and bigger. It’s the other way round, where google’s search engine also prefers to show efficient websites as a result of any search.

Another myth I would like to bust is that without digital marketing there would be no ranking of your website. Even if it serves a major role. Without proper digital marketing of a website, it can never resurface on google’s search engine.

Many people have a misconception stating that only being active on a firm’s social media network is enough for digital marketing. As it’s just a part of digital marketing as digital marketing also includes a lot of other techniques as well to boost google’s search engine rankings. Only targeting a specific amount of viewers does not help in digital media. Firstly, even those who don’t have an interest related to the product should be targeted to catch the eye of every viewer. One major factor affecting all these factors is consistency across all the platforms which eventually is good for your business/organization.

One of the most important purposes of digital marketing is to make people aware of your brand, if people do not know about your brand, how are they supposed to buy your products? Creating awareness about your brand is an important pillar in digital marketing. Making people aware of your brand is also important as people become more familiar when they come across your product, which was advertised earlier.

Let’s conclude this by discussing “Ace the Rank”, the name of the article which simply means getting higher in the search results of Google. As studies show, 80% of people do not navigate on the second page of Google, so getting higher in the google search results is a crucial part of Digital Marketing.

Hope you all viewers have got an idea of “Digital Marketing” and what role it plays and why it is so important. You can check out more such similar informational articles, visit tap here -> Blogs on Digital Marketing and many more.

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